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What I’ve been doing at ACC

I have been attending Austin Community College (ACC) since summer of 2016. After I graduated from Southwestern  University in 2014, I felt unfocused and was having difficulty finishing projects. When my first composition teacher Dr. Steven Sodders performed my duet Love While You May in spring 2016, we got to chatting about lessons and wait lists (I had waited a year and a half for a slot with him to open up back in 2011) and I returned to study again with him at ACC summer 2016.

To take an “applied” lesson at ACC, you have to be concurrently enrolled in at least one non-applied class in the Music Department or the Music Business, Performance and Technology Department (MBPT). So I’ve been studying electronic music and music business, which I have long wanted to explore. I’ve taken ACC’s MIDI class, Remixing, Synthesis I and II, Performance and Promotion for the Independent Artist I, Audio Engineering I, Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry, and Music Publishing, while dabbling in ensemble drumming and voice lessons. In the spring I’m signed up for Sound Design, Acoustics, and Songwriting.

MBPT and the Music Department both offer an Associate Degree but the Music Department is more focused on preparation for transfer to a bachelor’s program, while the MBPT Department prepares students for work in the music industry. I don’t know how community colleges work in other places, but both of these departments at ACC have top-notch teachers who really know their stuff and are well-respected in their fields!

It turns out that returning to ACC was a very smart move for myself! I’ve completed three (3!) new projects this year and finally published Love While You May and now that I know that process, more will be published soon! I’ve also tended to many other aspects of the business side of things. At the same time, I’m having a lot of fun and learning a tremendous amount of new-to-me stuff! Exciting! I’m still not sure “what I want to be when I grown up” but doors keep opening up!


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