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Now What?

When I first set up this website, my intention was to talk about the adventures of learning composition and the challenges of being an older student. I had two years to go, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, and my plan was to blog every week or so, or at least after every big event. Ah, the best laid plans: just a few weeks into my first semester with a website to maintain, I was overwhelmed with schoolwork and only managed to post sporadically after that.

Now, I’ve graduated! Yeeeehah! It took 39 years, but I did it!
Ashley and Emmitt at graduation!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time at Southwestern. I highly recommend the school, I love my teachers and my fellow students, and I have learned a lot. It is a very intense school. As I’ve said to friends, I’ve dropped out of some fine universities, but none was as intense as Southwestern. I had to work hard all the way up to the last week of classes. I wouldn’t trade my SU experience!

Going forward, I expect to talk about what I’m working on, what I’ve already done, or …. whatever I want to! I might look back, I might look forward, I might look right here, right now! Boo!

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