“Let Down” premieres!

The premiere of “Let Down” on April 17th by Keeley Hooker and Eileen Meyer Russell went very well. Thank you!

“Let Down” was part of a program of new music that Dr. Meyer Russell put together. The performance took place on the S.U. Campus immediately after a chorale rehearsal that Keeley and I needed to attend, so …

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September fun

Boy, oh, boy, does time fly. But I am having fun!

I feel like I’m making good progress in my piano lessons, and conducting and diction classes.  In addition to learning a lot of music for Chorale, Opera Theater class and voice, I am taking fourth semester music literature which, at Southwestern, is Baroque music. It’s …

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Happy birthday, John Cage!

September 5, 2012 is John Cage’s 100th birthday.

In his search for his own individual voice as a composer, John Cage opened up all sorts of possibilities for others — not only other composers, but listeners in general.  His work invites us (or me, at least) to listen differently, to experience music in a different …

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School starts tomorrow!

Almost time to go back to school! I went over to campus the other day to get a parking sticker for my car, and stopped by the Fine Arts Building, hoping to find Dr. Zenobi and talk about scheduling my voice lesson. Alas, she wasn’t there, but I had a nice chat with Dr. Sheppard, …

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Almost up and running

I’ve been working on the website, all the livelong day…

There’s something about the term blog that just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a functional word, but I felt like calling this part of my site something else. Here we go…

Seriously, is it premature for me to make my composition website? Maybe.  In …

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