What I’ve been doing at ACC

I have been attending Austin Community College (ACC) since summer of 2016. After I graduated from Southwestern  University in 2014, I felt unfocused and was having difficulty finishing projects. When my first composition teacher Dr. Steven Sodders performed my duet Love While You May in spring 2016, we got to chatting about lessons and wait …

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Fucos, Part 1

Sometimes when I listen to music I get a flurry of ideas for my own music creation. After one event last year, the thought popped into my head that I should write a string quartet about drones. I figured I would explore the different instruments taking turns droning while the others played something-yet-to-be-determined.

This semester …

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Experimental Music, Part 3

Last summer I attended one day of the NMASS 2016 new music festival at the Salvage Vanguard Theater in east Austin. NMASS is an event presented by The Church of the Friendly Ghost (COTFG), a local organization “dedicated to the proliferation of creative musics, future-minded expressions and experiments in sound.”  I wasn’t able to attend …

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Experimental Music, Part 2

You can experience experimental music this weekend in Austin, Texas at nmass 2016!

Part 1 of my exploration of the meaning of experimental music started with a definition:

Experimental -relating to a scientific experiment or to scientific experiments in general -using a new way of doing or thinking about something -made or done in …

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Experimental Music, Part 1

Writing this blog, I’ve been surprised at how difficult it is for me to write about experimental music. Maybe it’s because I feel like I don’t really know much about it, or because the term gets used in different ways, or because there are so many different ideas about what makes music “experimental.” Still, I …

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I was listening to music on my phone earlier today. These are words we never even thought when I was a kid. This player I’ve installed was shuffling between tracks from Fauré’s Requiem, The Staylyns’ Sex and Coffee, and The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman. This is what my life is like.

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Premiere of Love While You May, A Song Cycle

On the eve of the live premiere of Love While You May, my song cycle for trombone and soprano, I am thrilled! Dr. Eileen Meyer Russell and Dr. Dana Zenobi will perform it Thursday, October 9, at 7 p.m. in the Lois Perkins Chapel at Southwestern University at Dr. Meyer Russell’s fall recital. I’ve had …

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El Paso

My first complete composition at Southwestern University was a piece for guitar called El Paso.

At Southwestern (SU), composition instruction includes individual lessons with Dr. Jason Hoogerhyde and a studio seminar for all composition students every other week. The seminars focus on a particular topic for the semester; fall of 2011 the focus was instruments …

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Better Late Than Never

Going to college later in life is different from going there straight out of high school. In my case, I was old enough to be a parent to an “older,” non-traditional student. My son (who was about five years older than most of the seniors) and I had a couple of classes together my first …

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Now What?

When I first set up this website, my intention was to talk about the adventures of learning composition and the challenges of being an older student. I had two years to go, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, and my plan was to blog every week or so, or at least after every big event. Ah, the …

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