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Ashley H. Kraft is a 21st century composer living in central Texas. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Theory and Composition at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas in 2014. Kraft has been described as “intensely sensitive” and her music as “fresh and yet seasoned.”


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Experimental Music, Part 3

Last summer I attended one day of the NMASS 2016 new music festival at the Salvage Vanguard Theater in east Austin. NMASS is an event presented by The Church of the Friendly Ghost (COTFG), a local organization “dedicated to the proliferation of creative musics, future-minded expressions and experiments in sound.”  I wasn’t able to attend …

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Experimental Music, Part 2

You can experience experimental music this weekend in Austin, Texas at nmass 2016!

Part 1 of my exploration of the meaning of experimental music started with a definition:

Experimental -relating to a scientific experiment or to scientific experiments in general -using a new way of doing or thinking about something -made or done in …

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